Lab Time is Precious

Don't waste it on managing couriers.

Real Time Follow-Up

View your order and its status, your driver location and the remaining workload in a couple of clicks.

Everything in One Place

Access all the details you need. Who did what, when and why?

Automate Your Tasks

Cash balancing reports to help prevent monetary losses.

Make Better Decisions

Join the Era of Data-Oriented Decisions.

Control What is Important

Deadlines, distances, customers served, returns and much more...

Reduce Risks

Easily identify over-billing or billing errors.

Helpful Reports

Access simple reports to better manage your deliveries.

Save Money
Powerful Algorithms

Real time route optimization to maximize efficiency.

Paper Elimination

            Everything is now digitalized.

Real Time Data

No need to pick up the phone to edit, search for, cancel or add new orders. Communicate via the app.

An App That Couriers Love
Easy to Use

A simple, intuitive interface. Made to help keep your eyes on the road.

Route Optimization

Reorganize your route to better serve your customers.

Avoid Being Bothered

Communicate with the app. Virtually eliminate calls from the pharmacy,

Centralized customer reports

Customer profile available to all. Helps ensure customer service for new or substituting drivers.

Useful Features

It only takes two clicks to find an unknown address, call customers or even transfer orders to other drivers.


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